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We provide you a staff of dedicated technicians, programmers, project managers, web designers, and network specialists available and at your disposal whenever desired at fixed rates that fit within your company’s budget.

We want to provide a way for technology consultants to move our clients forward to their advantage. Our consultants move ahead in an environment that encourages out of the box solutions, and allows an unencumbered path towards our clients technology solutions in a practical cost sensitive way. Because of the steps we took to create a fun, forward thinking company, we now provide a level, and quality of service far beyond what most others have to offer. Along the way we made facilities that reflect that philosophy, and a business philosophy developed along those same lines, with strait forward rates and services. Over sixteen years of service experience, unparalleled customer services, and practical innovative solutions.

Practical, friendly, flexible, and personal service; Windows IT Tech  helps our clients, we are there when needed, and we do it by any means possible!
Over 17 Years Of IT Consulting Experience
Dedicated IT Support Technicians
Apple / Macintosh Technicians
Practical SEO Consulting
Network Specialists
Project Managers
Web Site Designers


Windows IT Tech is a full-service technology consultancy offering strategy, design, and development services that provide our clients with innovative IT solutions. Our technicians, programmers, and project managers work tirelessly towards that end. All projects in the portfolio and all testimonials are direct reflections of their hard work. Since 2010 we have been perfecting our practice, based on ethical, and practical technology .

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