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Computer SupportYour company’s technology should save you money and make your business run smooth and efficient. There’s no need to rake yourself over the coals with the expensive cost of staffing your own in-house IT staff. You can lean on your local Windows Renew Nationwide Network Partner to serve as your “Part time IT Department.” Our services are cost effective and intelligent so you can focus on what you do best: running your business!

Managed Monthly IT Support

Keep your technology current, lower your costs, and minimize downtime with our remote and onsite service plans. Our “Systematic Monthly and Remote Technology” support plans are priced with a flat fee per workstation so you never pay more than what your business requires.

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Prevent Lost Data

There’s no telling when your hard drive, flash drive, or memory card will go kaput. Save yourself the headache by preventing a disaster from happening to your equipment. Our backup and disaster prevention services will save you from losing vital data and minimize downtime.

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Recover Lost Data

Have you experienced data loss due to a system failure, virus or other malfunction? Our technicians use the most advanced tools available to ensure that we recover the maximum amount of recoverable data possible. Plus, in the rare event that we find your data is not recoverable, we will refund you 50% back.

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Speed Up Your Computer

Our Computer Tuneup will give your computer and internet a major boost in speed and productivity with our Total Tune-up. Consider this an oil change for your PC!
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Eliminate Computer Problems

Our Windows Renew service removes 99% of viruses, adware, spyware, and other common computer problems so your computer runs faster than the day it came off the shelf. This service will actually wipe your hard drive clean and reload a fresh copy of your Windows operating system while preserving all of your personal files.
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Virus Detection and Removal

Do you have techo-gremlins in your computer potentially wrecking havoc to your files? Having up-to-date Antivirus software is essential to protecting yourself from identity theft. In addition to providing you with the most cost-effective antivirus software, we also provide advanced virus removal services for those situations when your computer’s infection is too severe for basic software to handle on its own.

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Technology Upgrades

Is your computer getting old? Slow to boot? We can save you money from having to invest in a new computer by breathing new life into your PC with smart, inexpensive upgrades. Plus, our software and hardware prices are typically cheaper than retail stores like Best Buy and Target.

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If you have 2 or more computers in your home, networking them together will provide a great deal of convenience for you and your family. You will be able to share files wirelessly between each computer and print remotely from anywhere in the house to a center printer. You will also be able to access music from other computers as well.

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