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Managed IT Monthly Support


About This Service

Keep your technology current, lower your costs, and minimize downtime with our remote and onsite service plans. Our “Systematic Monthly and Remote Technology” support plans are priced with a flat fee per workstation so you never pay more than what your business requires.

We have designed this service to provide businesses with the vital IT support they need to maximize their network’s security, speed, performance, and stability without having to pay for a full-time onsite IT staff.

Our S.M.A.R.T. Support plan will save you downtime, make your company more productive, and keep your vital information safe and secure. Plus, we’ve designed our S.M.A.R.T. Support plan so that it is impossible for us to profit in any way from your IT failures.

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We offer reliable, professional, and cost-effective computer support solutions to help businesses save money, increase productivity, and protect their valuable data and hardware. We’re ready to assist you today.

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Here Are the Benefits:

  • You will experience faster support AND eliminate costly “onsite fees.”
  • No more worrying about hourly rates and huge network support bills.
  • You will never pay for expensive repairs and recovery costs again.
  • You will have peace of mind in knowing that no security threat or hardware failure will ever get in the way of your business productivity and growth.
  • Guaranteed fewer “glitches”, faster performance, and virtually zero downtime.
  • You can finally say good-bye to annoying pop-ups, error messages, viruses and spyware programs.
  • You will sleep sound at night knowing that you don’t even have to THINK about your network, hardware and data. We have it covered for you.
  • You will experience all the benefits of an in-house IT support staff without the cost.
  • You will stop being nickel and dimed by other computer consultants.
  • Your data will be safe and protected.


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