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Remote Support

No Gimmicks
-No Monthly Fees
-No Commitments
-No Accounts to Create 
-All Technicians in the USA
-No Payment Up Front
-Money Back Guarantee


How Our Online PC Repair Works

Witget 1 If you are familiar with the concept of remote controlling a computer then this should be nothing new to you. We use a special piece of software depending on what kind of PC problem you have, that you download to your computer. The download is very small and quick. This allows us to connect to your computer securely as if we were sitting in front of it. There is no need for a technician to come to your home.  Most importantly, you still have the ultimate control over your computer.  You can sit there and watch us work making sure that your important data stays private.  If for any reason you want to disconnect our session, with one simple click you can disconnect the computer repair technician and it’s impossible for them to get back in to your PC

How to Get Your PC Fixed Remotely

Witget 2Step 1. Call us at our Toll Free number 856.322.6047 which will connect you to one of our expert technicians in the United States.  Tell us your problem and we will let you know if we can fix it or not for no charge.  Don’t forget, we can remove viruses and also tune up your computer if its running slow.

Witget 3Step 2. Your technician will tell you exactly how to connect them to your PC.  You simply visit a special page on the Windows IT Tech’s web site, download a small file and within minutes the technician is able to start working on your PC over a secure encrypted connection.

Witget 4Step 3. Finally, the technician will work on your computer while you watch. If the technician is successful you will confirm the work was done properly and once you confirm it the technician will ask for your credit card information and permanently disconnect from your computer.

Online PC Repair in the USA

Witget5There are countless companies that can provide online PC repair for your home or business. Some are big brand names and some are local computer repair stores. But many of them are located outside the United States where labor is cheaper. While this may seem attractive at first, the quality of the support suffers significantly. Make sure you know what country your call is being routed to when using a remote PC repair company. Some of the advantages of Online PC Support include:

  • No more driving to a physical store for PC repair
  • You don’t have to wait days or weeks to get your PC
  • No risk of physical damage leaving it at a store
  • Lower overhead means lower cost to fix your PC
  • No intrusion on privacy by inviting someone in your home
  • Online Technical Support Any Time of Day
  • No charge unless work is properly completed
  • No Up front Payment Collected unless satisfied


Compare Windows IT Tech to the Competition

Witget6Yes we know there are countless web sites that do remote computer repair on the Internet. Choosing the best PC repair company is tough since its difficult to determine their credibility from a web site. Luckily, in addition to three of our competitors that also do remote PC support. Take a look at the article and decide for yourself if Windows IT Tech is the right company for you.   In addition, if you want to see what our competitors offer take a look at these remote computer repair comparisons.

$29.95 One Time Charge

This is our basic service rate. This is for any 30 minute call where we fix your PC problem, like get rid of a Windows error message, help you with email problems or any other basic instruction for your computer. As long as the call is under 30 minutes, you pay a flat rate of $29.95. We will always tell you how much we will charge you before starting any work so there are no surprises.

$49.95 One Time Charge

This is our charge for any call between 30 and 60 minutes. A majority of our calls fall into this category. Typically this is what we charge for a computer tune-up to improve slow computer performance, fix printer problems and driver issues. Again, we will always tell you at the beginning of our call how long it will take to fix the problem and how much it costs before starting.

$89.95 One Time Charge

This is our charge for any call that exceeds 60 minutes with no maximums! Typically this is what we charge for customers that need virus or spyware removal or any other service that requires extensive manual repair and deep scanning for worms, Trojans and malware. There is no max so we will stay on the phone with you until we fix your computer problem.


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